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  • 2014 – 53 minutes. Produced by Showtime (HBO) From the damage wrought by Hurricane Sandy to the upheaval caused by drought in the Middle East, this groundbreaking documentary event series provides first-hand reports on those affected by, and seeking solutions to, climate change. In this episode MSNBC’s Chris Hayes shadows Staten Island’s Republican Congressman – […]

  • Episode 3 of 3 / 2014 – 59 minutes. Produced BBC2, English / Nominated for 3 Awards This intimate journey into the heart of Brazil concludes. A fierce drought ensues, culminating in huge and ferocious fires. The capuchin monkeys, giant otters, coatis and jaguars are proving their extreme survival skills while looking for mates and […]

  • 2009 – 96 minutes. Director: Dan Stone, English – Winner of Seven International Awards “At the Edge of the World” chronicles the controversial Sea Shepherd Antarctic Campaign against a Japanese whaling fleet. The international volunteer crew, undertrained and underequipped, developed a combination of bizarre and brilliant tactics with which to stop the whalers. But first […]

  • Documentary (Environment) – 60 minutes, 2014. Showtime. English. Years of Living Dangerously highlights the importance of understanding climate change and tries to convince large parts of our society that are still skeptical about it despite the overwhelming scientific consensus. The 9-part TV series, which is the “biggest story of our time” according to filmmaker James […]

  • 2014 – 59 minutes. Produced BBC2, English – Nominated for 3 Awards This intimate journey to the heart of Brazil continues, following the animal families as they face the formidable monsoon rains. The giant otter babies must watch out for predatory jaguars and learn to swim before their river floods. The coatis must eat all […]

  • 2009 – 85 minutes. Director: Rupert Murray, English Nominated for 3 Awards Is it true that by 2048 the oceans may no longer have anything left in them to fish? Documentary filmmaker Rupert Murray examines the devastating effect that overfishing has had on the world’s fish populations and argues that drastic action must be taken […]

  • 2009 – 82 minutes. Director: Jeremy Gilley, English Winner of the Visionary Award at the Washington DC Indep. Film Fest September 21st is the International World Peace Day. Join us and our friend Ashoka Bhoopathy to celebrate this coming day with food, film, music and dance. Please bring your family and friends, musical instruments and […]

  • Documentary, 2014, 59 minutes. Produced by BBC 2, English Three charismatic animal families, capuchin monkeys, giant otters and coatis, strive to raise their families against a backdrop of extraordinary landscapes and huge extremes of weather – a beautiful yet dangerous world full of jaguars and caimans. An intimate journey to the heart of a spectacular […]

  • Documentary (Nature) – 60 minutes, 2013. NatGeo Wild. English. Every predator on our planet has tricks that help them beat the odds, and they perfect these skills and weapons to succeed wherever they live — and to best whatever they’re faced with. The 4-part Secret Life of Predators filmed over three years reveals the hidden, […]

  • Documentary (Consumer Awareness)- 90 minutes, 2007. Directed by Bill Haney. English. Every year, the United States buys 200,000 tons of sugar from the Dominican Republic. The vast majority of workers in the Dominican sugar industry are from neighboring Haiti, the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. The movie tells us about the conditions of these […]

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