Sadhana Forest is based on the principles of gift economy. We are not a business and do not generate income. All of our work is supported through gifts (donations). Our team is comprised of long-term participants, including the founders and project directors.

Gift economy is a form of exchange, outside of traditional economic markets, where goods and services are given freely without monetary exchange or expectations of a return or reward. Gift economy differs from an exchange or barter economy because there are no expectations of reciprocity or quid pro quo. Goods and services are given freely out of the willingness of the donor without the promise of a reward or return. Transactions within a gift economy are altruistic in nature; seek to see the value of goods and services beyond the market value or price, while trying to address the needs of others.

Over the past ten years, we have noticed that selflessness and gift-giving is contagious. The gift economy can and does work. One gift to another can start a chain reaction of “paying it forward.” Gift economy is not a single transaction (like in many market based economies) but a catalyst of many transactions of gifting and regifting. When implemented, all needs can be met within a gift economy. Sadhana Forest believes the world can be a richer and more beautiful place the more that we all give of ourselves freely.

Sadhana Forest plants trees to grow forests for future generations. We expect nothing in return for our work and hope that all living beings, from the grasshopper to our grandchildren, can enjoy the rewards of our endeavors now and in perpetuity.