One of our main missions here in Sadhana Forest Haiti is to provide and facilitate educational activities and trainings. We have hosted a wide range of courses in our training center as well as in other venues. We are committed to offer our technical expertise to one and all and provide a platform for anyone who might be able to do the same.

So far, we have offered several courses and trainings in Permaculture, tree planting, tree care, seed saving, soil erosion control, water conservation, food processing, nutrition, and recycling etc.

Permaculture in Haiti

Permaculture is a branch of ecological design, ecological engineering, and environmental design that develops sustainable architecture and self-maintained agricultural systems modeled from natural ecosystems. By applying the principles of contemporary Permaculture design, we teach and apply regenerative community-based development practices in the local communities.

We bring together people from across the world to co-visualize and commit to a common goal – working collectively for the protection of the land and biodiversity and provide long-term food security for the people of Haiti.

Presently less than 2 percent of Haiti remains forested. One of the biggest problems faced in Haiti today is that most Haitians still depend on wood and charcoal as their primary fuel source. Deforestation has led to soil erosion, which has decreased agricultural yields and resulted in several environmental and social problems.

Courses In Creole

Haitian Creole or Kreyol Ayisyen is the official language spoken in Haiti; French and some West African languages heavily influence it. Here in Sadhana Forest we are committed to providing trainings and courses in Creole so language doesn’t act as a barrier for the local populations to learn and apply the many beneficial concepts and practices discussed in Permaculture. We believe that empowering the local population with knowledge of how they can utilize their land in a productive and sustainable way is very important for the protection and regeneration of the local habitat.

We hope to host Creole Permaculture courses regularly

Courses in English

We also regularly offer Permaculture design courses in English. In today’s world where Permaculture has been turned into a commodity, we aspire to make this knowledge more accessible to one and all. One of the main motives of these courses is to empower and equip the volunteers with skills and knowledge they can share further in their local communities.

Tree Planting and Tree care

As a part of our tree distribution project we offer trainings on efficient methods of tree planting. We present tree planting as an activity that needs immense care and attention and give people the skills and tips to plant and care/tend for these trees, so they can reach maturity in good health.

The courses are always offered free of charge. To find out more on why we don’t charge for our trainings and other activities read: “Gift Economy”

Courses & Trainings That We Hosted

We have already trained thousands of people from the local community in nutrition, tree planting, and tree care knowledge. These are usually 1-day trainings/workshops.

Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC)

We have already hosted a few Permaculture design certificate courses at Sadhana Forest Haiti. All courses are given free of charge.
PDC Course history:

  • 9-week PDC Plus 2012 co-offered in Haitian Creole – 6 local Anse-a-pitres attendees and 20-30 more sporadic attendees.
  • 2-week PDC in Haitian Creole – 25 students of which 6 were from the Agricultural University of Grand-Anse and 2 were from SOIL organization.
  • 9-week PDC Plus 2012 – 44 INTL students
  • 9-week PDC Plus 2013 – 15 INTL students

We hope to continue offering and hosting Permaculture design courses in our campus. Stay tuned to learn more about any new courses on offer.

Are You A Teacher?

If you would like to collaborate with us and are willing to train us or give a workshop in your field of sustainability/environmental development please contact us here: “Sadhana Forest Haiti Contact Page