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The first two items will be required for you to stay with us:

  1. At least one form of legal photo identification.
  2. You will also need to bring enough money for your food contribution for your minimum stay. The minimum stay is 4 weeks from December 1st to March 31st. For participants arriving from April 1st to November 30th the minimum stay is 2 weeks. The total cost of food per person is currently 600 Indian Rupees (INR) per day (this is just around 8 USD). This price is subject to change based on the economy of India. Please contact us soon before your arrival to make sure you have the most current information.

A two-week stay is 9,400 INR. This includes: 1,000 INR deposit for a bed, sheet, blanket and pillow, 8,400 INR towards food and 100% biodegradable toiletries for two weeks.

A four-week stay is 17,800 INR. This includes: a 1000 INR deposit for a bed, sheet, blanket and pillow, 16,800 INR towards food and 100% biodegradable toiletries for four weeks.

Considerations are made for residents of India, families, people with special needs and people above 40. Please email us to receive the appropriate participant information.

Also please bring the following items with you (for your convenience we are mentioning the local prices of the items in the nearby town of Pondicherry, so you can decide whether to buy them at home or locally):

  1. A mosquito net (preferably rectangular shape and not round). Local price in Pondicherry is 250 INR (approximately 4 USD).
  2. A torch (flashlight) preferably with rechargeable, solar charge or wind up batteries. Local price in Pondicherry is 50 INR (less than 1 USD) and extra for batteries.
  3. Metal water bottle or high-grade plastic water bottle specifically designed for refilling. Local price in Pondicherry is 250 INR for a metal water bottle.
  4. A sheet or bed liner for a single bed. Local price in Pondicherry starts 150 INR.
  5. For menstruating women we recommend a Mooncup, Diva Cup, Keeper or re-usable sanitary pads, which are an eco-friendly and cost effective alternative to tampons or sanitary pads.
  6. If necessary, we recommend that re-usable/washable nappies/diapers be used as an alternative to disposable nappies/diapers.
  7. Combination locks (keys get misplaced easily).
  8. While working in the forest some participants prefer to use gloves. Strong gloves are available in Pondicherry.
  9. We strongly recommend you bring warm clothes and/or sleeping bag from December to March because it can get very cold during the night.
  10. Natural sunscreen and natural mosquito repellant.
  11. Appropriate clothing for going out into an Indian community. For women, clothing that covers shoulders, chest and knees. For men, always wearing a shirt. It is important to respect our host’s culture.
  12. First Aid kit.
  13. Large, plastic, sealing bags for clothing during the monsoon season to prevent mold (June-July, October-November).
  14. Sleeping pad (air-filled, foam, etc.)