We highly recommend you bring

  1. Appropriate clothing. Anticipate hot days and cold nights. Please bring appropriate clothing for working outdoors as well as tidy/respectable clothing for interactions within the local communities.
  2. Appropriate footwear (good sandals and possibly sneakers and/or work boots).
  3. Sunhat and a warm hat for cold evenings.
  4. UV protection sunglasses (the equatorial sun is very strong in Kenya).
  5. Rain equipment (rain coat, umbrella etc…).
  6. Torch/flashlight/headlamp, preferably with rechargeable, solar charge, or wind up batteries.
  7. Sleeping bag or blanket.
  8. Sleeping pad (we do have some spares, please check ahead).
  9. Waterproof tent
  10. Metal water bottle or high grade plastic water bottle specifically designed for re-filling.
  11. Combination lock.
  12. 100% vegan, biodegradable toiletries.
  13. Moisturizer/lip balm (the climate is very dry in our area).
  14. Natural sunscreen (the equatorial sun is very strong in Kenya).
  15. Natural mosquito repellent. A good one, according to our experience, is Repel HG-406T Lemon Eucalyptus Insect Repellent Spray.
  16. For menstruating women we recommend a Moon Cup, Keeper, Diva Cup, or re-usable sanitary pads, which are an eco-friendly and cost effective alternative to tampons or sanitary pads. (We may have some available, for purchase at cost price)
  17. Personal First Aid kit. Useful items include liquid bandage spray, bandages, disinfectant for wounds, oral rehydration salts, thorn removal tweezers, and eye drops. Please include any special medication that you take regularly or may need in emergency.
  18. Valid Travel Medical Insurance, including air evacuation coverage. Important: Please be aware that if you have a medical emergency that Sadhana Forest Kenya will not be able to cover your damages, medical or transportation costs. Bring photocopies of policies.
  19. Passport and photocopy of passport.
  20. Vaccinations. Please be advised that some countries will require a Yellow Fever Vaccination card upon arrival if coming from Kenya. To learn more please consult your travel clinic.

Other Suggested Items:

  1. Work gloves
  2. Vegan vitamin B-12
  3. Small backpack
  4. Strong adhesive tape (Duct tape/Gorilla tape)
  5. Handkerchief/bandana
  6. Pocket knife
  7. Notebook, pen/pencil
  8. Spare glasses/contact lenses
  9. Books
  10. An Internet device, like a smartphone, tablet, or e-reader.
  11. Phone with a removable SIM card slot so that you can insert the Kenyan SIM.


Though we DO NOT encourage you bringing many valuables (electronics or other), we have the ability to charge standard 220v AC, USB chargeable devices and any electronics with a car adapter (12 volt, cigarette lighter charger).