Our Mission: India

  • Beside planting and nurturing trees, another major project in Sadhana Forest is water conservation. Because Sadhana Forest lies on a watershed of red earth and clay, in which ravines and canyons are easily formed by heavy monsoon rains, a major problem on the land is water-flow control and conservation.

  • Sadhana Forest India focuses on reforesting 70 acres of severely degraded land with the indigineous TDEF (Tropicla-Dry-Evergreen-Forest). The TDEF is on the verge of extinction as only 0.01% of what used to be a vast forest currently exists in small patches in South India.

  • Sadhana Forest India has been accepting volunteers from the day of its establishment in 2003. Since then it has served as an educational volunteer experience for more then 5000 residential volunteers.

May the forest be with you.
Sadhana Forest