Our Mission

  • Beside planting and nurturing trees, another major project in Sadhana Forest Kenya is water conservation. Sadhana Forest Kenya is located in the semi-arid area of Samburu County near the town of Kisima. Before creating a forest one must address water issues. Drought Samburu County has suffered reoccurring droughts in the past decade, the outcomes are […]

  • The idea of forest gardens (food forests) was first articulated by Robert Hart in his book ‘Forest Gardening’ and subsequently became one of the keystone concepts in Permaculture. A Permaculture forest garden mimics the architecture and beneficial relationships of a natural forest. Food forests are not ‘natural’, but are designed and managed ecosystems that are very rich in biodiversity and productivity.

  • Samburu County is an arid and semi-arid area located in northern Kenya in the Rift Valley Province and is inhabited by the Samburu tribe who are closely related to the Maasai tribe. Samburu and Maasai are both part of the Maa language family and share 95% of their language. Neighboring tribes, admiring their beauty and elegance, called them Samburu, meaning “butterfly.” The Samburu call themselves Lokop (or Loikop). The Samburu, light as butterflies, are semi-nomadic pastoralists whose lives have traditionally depended on animal husbandry (cattle, goats, sheep, and camels) for their livelihood.

May the forest be with you.
Sadhana Forest