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  • Our goal Plant 4 India is building a model of grassroots ecological restoration. We support young people to grow into environmental leaders and work on climate change mitigation across rural India.

  • On December 27th, 2009, Sadhana Forest India started a 2.7-acre project called Children’s Land, inspired by an initiative that was born in Peru ( Children’s Land is based on the philosophy and values of child-led learning, which believes that with trust and careful observation from adults, children should have the choice of what they would […]

  • In 2012, Prahlad Singh Tipaniya, “one of the most compelling folk voices of Kabir in India today,” visited Auroville. During his stay, Prahladji visited Sadhana Forest, learning about the project’s ecological efforts. Moved by this, he invited Sadhana Forest to his home in Madhya Pradesh, a small village called Luniyakhedi. Six months later the highly […]

May the forest be with you.
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