The Community India

Community living in Sadhana Forest India provides many opportunities to develop one’s social and environmental consciousness and creativity.

We host more then 1000 participants a year from all over the world, making Sadhana Forest India one of the largest residential participatory projects in the world.

Sadhana Forest India is a place where you can be and feel like an integral part of Nature. It is a place of sharing. We eat our three meals a day together, share our living and sleeping areas, and share the essential duties that help the community run smoothly and simply. We live under certain guidelines and schedules that help us function as a community.

Daily Schedule

    • 5:30 am Wake up call
    • 6:00 am Morning circle (dividing sevas for first session)
    • 6:15 am-8:30 am First seva (first session of activities)
    • 8:30 am-9:30 am Breakfast
    • 9:30 am-12:15 pm Second seva (second session of activities)
    • 12:30 pm Lunch

*After lunch everyone is free for their own personal activities as long as they are responsible for their weekly shift such as cooking, turning our solar panels, etc.


We benefit from hosting a wide variety of participants from many different backgrounds. participants can offer to share knowledge they have and host workshops. This can be any type of knowledge or skill that someone has and would like to share with the community, it can be anything from singing Mongolian poetry to building solar ovens. If you have knowledge this is the place to share it.

Open Stage Night

Every Wednesday we meet after dinner to have Open Stage. We like to call this evening our “non-talent night” as anyone can perform, whether you have a talent or not, you’re welcome to come on stage and share it with everyone. This can be anything from telling a joke, singing a song, playing a game or playing an instrument.


Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco Free Environment

Sadhana Forest India is a place where we concentrate on raising our consciousness. Using drugs, alcohol, or tobacco does not support this process and therefore, Sadhana Forest India is a drug, alcohol and tobacco free environment. We have also found that these substances can have a negative effect on the community and social life, as well as the obvious effects on health. Sadhana Forest India is also home to quite a few children and young adults and we do not wish to have them exposed to drugs, alcohol, and tobacco.

All our residential participants make a signed commitment to abstain from these activities during their entire stay in Sadhana Forest India, whether inside or outside the campus.

We understand the difficulties in giving up habits such as these, but we commit to help and fully support whoever chooses to stay with us and experiment in this type of lifestyle. We have had quite a few people successfully give up these addictions after staying with us. If you would like to experiment in living without drugs, alcohol, and tobacco, we welcome you to come and get involved with us.

If you are not ready to make such a commitment we fully understand and hope to host you in the future when you are.

Competition Free Environment

Sadhana Forest India tries to experiment on many levels of reforestation, sustainable and community living. One of the aspects we choose to experiment with is trying to take out an element that exists in our lives on a daily basis – competition. We feel that competition creates “winners” and “losers” and what we are trying to promote is a more co-operative community.

We received feedback from participants that stayed with us that their confidence was boosted while staying in Sadhana Forest. We feel that an important element to this is removing competitive aspects from our lives here.

In Sadhana Forest India we do not play any competitive games. This helps promote creativity as children and adults try to think of how to play a non-competitive game or how to take the competitive element out of a game that usually is competitive (e.g. non-competitive Scrabble is easy, we just don’t keep a score sheet).