Nairobi, Kenya. Exciting times as we are getting ready to start building Sadhana Forest Kenya!

Yoav arrived in Kenya 3 weeks ago to begin the preparation work for the project. James and Yoav have been running around Nairobi fixing our car which will serve as our mobile training center and tree distribution vehicle. They explored water solutions and bought many bits and pieces and other supplies that will be needed in our very rural and remote location in Samburu County.

After some research, we decided to drill a bore hole for the project. Yoav and James travelled to the land, did a hydrogeological survey to determine the best location to drill, and we expect to begin drilling by the end of April or beginning of May. While doing the hydrogeological survey they camped on the land which was a unique and exciting experience, as they heard zebras running at night and some hyenas from far away while familiarizing ourselves and the project with the people living on location at Sadhana Forest Kenya.

The water from the bore hole will be used to irrigate our tree nursery and and for domestic use.


Aviram and Lark arrived one week ago and are also preparing for the project. They are rushing from meeting to meeting while still summing up Aviram’s intensive fundraising tour in France and simultaneously making decisions about solar cookers, water pumps and fencing materials. Busy busy busy!!!

On Sunday, April 20th all of our pioneer team should be in Nairobi, and we will begin the project. At the moment we have 24 pioneers from all over the world. In the spirit of human unity we are all starting to promote food security through reforestation and environmental transformation in Samburu County!!! We would like to thank all of the people who supported and are continuing to support us in this process. Without you this would not be possible. THANK YOU!

In the coming months, we expect to work very hard under long sunny days and cold dark nights, an experience that will be effective, productive and enriching for all of us.

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“May the forest be with you, and may we be with the forest”