Our Mission

  • Water Haiti Besides planting and nurturing trees, another major project in Sadhana Forest Haiti (SFH) is water conservation. Because SFH is located on a rock bed, where little soil exists, it is very difficult to do water conservation. Our aim is to achieve, as close as we can, zero water run-off. Creating earth bunds is […]

  • The idea of forest gardens (food forests) was first articulated by Robert Hart in his book ‘Forest Gardening’ and subsequently became one of the keystone concepts in Permaculture. A Permaculture forest garden mimics the architecture and beneficial relationships of a natural forest.

  • Sadhana Forest Hait was established in 2010. Since then it has served the local population of the area and as an educational volunteer experience for international and local visitors. Anse-à-Pitres Anse-à-Pitres is a municipality with 25,000 inhabitants, on an area of 185 km (115 mi), located in the southeastern corner of Haiti, close to the […]

May the forest be with you.
Sadhana Forest