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  • October 6

    The remnant of a sunken prehistoric continent, New Zealand is teeming with exuberant vegetation and the most stunning sites from the riverbeds of the Hokitika region to the exploration of “Waters of Greenstone”. In this film, we meet Peter, the paint brusher, Dave, the hunter for jade stones, and Furhana, the woman living in a […]

  • September 29

    In this week’s documentary: The Akha tribe in Laos live almost untouched by modern civilization. Like many mountain tribes in Laos, the Akha are facing a difficult choice: between a move down into the valley, which would mean they would have electricity, running water, and better medical care – but also abandoning their ancient rituals. […]

  • September 22

    In this week’s documentary, we delve into the world of meat substitutes! Meat substitute products use various tricks to imitate the taste and consistency of meat, and do so quite successfully. But some food companies have gone a step further: They grow real meat in their laboratories, for which no animal has ever had to […]

  • September 8

    This week: Well known for his column in widely circulated periodicals, George Monbiot has much to offer in this documentary. With wit and optimism, he provides us with much to think about and a call to contemplate a new way of relating to each other and the planet. 2018 / 46 minutes / VPRO

  • September 1

    This week’s documentary dives deep into the world of water! No other substance has been so studied and yet still holds so many questions as water. Scientist try to unlock the secrets of Water. 70% of the earth’s surface is covered by liquid water. The documentary gives us insights into the fascinating landscapes created by […]

  • August 25

    This week’s inspiring documentary takes us on a journey into the activities of four young girls who are paving a way forward in their respective countries. They offer solutions to the climate crisis that are simple, straight-forward and people-oriented. In addition to their ideas, they also offer hope. 2022 / 88 minutes / DW

  • August 18

    This week we have two documentaries showing: The first documentary shows us a whole new approach to farming. It is an approach centered around protecting and enriching soil and all its inhabitants. The second short film captures the story about a group of women in Vellore, in South India who revived a river. 2021 / […]

  • August 11

    This week we have two short documentaries playing! The first documentary follows the journey of Brigid LeFevre and her Community Supported Agricultural Operation. Her approach towards regenerative farming helps the local community with reliable, safe and nutritious food whilst enriching soil in each successive season. The second film tells the story of perseverance of Philippine […]

  • August 4

    While it becomes clear that catastrophic climate change is now inevitable it also opens up a whole new set of questions: How exactly did we arrive at this point? What new choices can we make now regarding how to live our lives and what actions make sense at this time.   This week’s film provides […]

  • July 28

    The future is uncertain and full of challenges. How do we rescue our cities and tackle inequalities? How do we deal with an aging future and bridging the gender gap? It’s time for some forward thinking. This week’s film looks at how the German car industry is adapting to cater for elderly workers and travels […]

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