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  • In this documentary we dive deep into the world of lentils! Lentils are undemanding plants from drier regions, yet at the same time they are extremely rich in protein and are real power packs, full of minerals and trace elements. They could hold the key to fighting famines and to boost the nutritional profile of […]

  • 2018/ 41 minutes/ Rebecca Cappelli The film explores the impact of our food and lifestyle choices on our health, our home planet and our values. It shares inspiring stories from athletes, food and fashion entrepreneurs, a public speaker, and an ocean environmentalist.

  • 2003 / 40 minutes/ Noboru Kaetsu Mr. Kanamori, a 4th grade primary school teacher in Kanazawa, Japan, gives his students lessons on what he considers to be the most important principles in life: to be happy and to care for other people. His lessons include discussion around teamwork, community, the importance of openness, how to […]

  • 2019 / 52 minutes / Amoghavarsha J. S. & Kalyan Varma This film displays the varied habitats and species across Karnataka. Showcasing Bengal tigers and Indian elephants, along with lesser-known species like lion-tailed macaques, Indian leopards, birds, amphibians and reptiles. Come experience the wonders of Karnataka! The film is narrated by Sir David Attenborough.

  • 2019 / 42 minutes / Martin Gronemeyer, Michaela Kirst A new and surprising chapter in the theory of evolution. According to recent studies, it’s in our cities, of all places, that animals and plants adapt particularly quickly to changing living conditions. Nature’s response to the spread of cities is astonishing: Why do catfish in the […]

  • 2004 / 52 minutes / Stanley Minasian A delightful documentary about the thinking and feeling side of farm animals. This journey into the sentient, emotional lives of farm animals brings Masson to animal sanctuaries around the country where caregivers and the animals themselves tell their stories.

  • 2012 / 48 minutes / Roxanne Meadows Featuring the life-long work of Social Engineer, Futurist, Inventor, and Industrial Designer Jacque Fresco, this presentation advocates a new socio-economic system that is updated to present-day knowledge. He calls it a Resource-Based Economy. This documentary details the root causes of the systemic challenges caused by our current system. […]

  • This documentary showcases the efforts taken to conserve the elusive and fascinating aye-aye. Conservationists are struggling to preserve the remaining fragmented islands of forest by planting green corridors and engaging local communities. In a Malagasy village, Fry and Carwardine witness a traditional healing ceremony. The aye-aye has been a victim of cultural beliefs as well […]

  • Eco Film Club, every Friday at Sadhana Forest Schedule of Events: 16:00 Free bus from Solar Kitchen to Sadhana Forest for the Tour 16:30 Tour of Sadhana Forest 18:00 Free bus from Solar Kitchen to Sadhana Forest for the Eco Film Club 18:30 Eco Film Club begins with “previews” of short Sadhana Forest films 20:00 […]

  • A unique look into what happens next when you decide to go vegan. This documentary will dive into the different social aspects of making this decision. 2018 / 35 mins / Built4Anything

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