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  • April 5

    In Part 2 of this documentary, we dive deeper into how nutrition can relate to health and wellness. From our cardiovascular systems to our digestive tracts, wholefood plant-based diets have the potential to heal us from inside out. The film also features many success stories of people, who are living an active and fulfilling vegan […]

  • March 29

    Can you really prevent or even reverse chronic diseases with diet and lifestyle changes? This documentary looks at the relationship between nutrition and disease, and the astonishing effects that a wholefood plant-based diet can have on our health. 2023 / 43 minutes / NBC 6

  • March 22

    A delightful documentary for viewers of all ages about the thinking and feeling side of farm animals. This journey into the sentient, emotional lives of farm animals brings Masson to animal sanctuaries around the country where caregivers and the animals themselves tell their stories. 2004 / 52 minutes / Stanley Minasian

  • March 15

    Trees cover 4 billion hectares of our planet, a vast blanket of green that produces a third of the Earth’s oxygen. The world’s forests provide sanctuary to a glorious and diverse array of animal life. This forest cover previously occupied much of the land’s area, however, over centuries of human activity it has drastically reduced.Trees […]

  • March 8

    David Attenborough narrates this documentary following young research student Anne Orlando as she sets out on an unforgettable adventure, hoping to solve the mysteries surrounding a herd of elephants that inhabit the desert south of the fabled city of Timbuktu. 2001 / 48 minutes / BBC Natural World

  • March 1

    Mr. Kanamori, a 4th grade primary school teacher in Kanazawa, Japan, gives his students lessons on what he considers to be the most important principles in life: to be happy and to care for other people. His lessons include discussion around teamwork, community, the importance of openness, how to cope, and the harm caused by bullying. 2003 […]

  • February 23

    As the ice ebbs and flows at the two poles with the change of seasons, killer whales team up on a hunt and a polar bear is forced to travel a great distance in search of food. Also, beluga whales and narwhals feast on Arctic cod. This documentary is narrated by David Attenborough. 2017 / […]

  • February 16

    The Veganuary Documentary! Founders Matthew Glover and Jane Land look back over 10 years of Veganuary, with team members and celebrity ambassadors including Evanna Lynch, Kellie Bright, Chris Packham, Peter Egan, Benjamin Zephaniah and Jasmine Harman shining a light on how it has become the cultural phenomenon it is today. Discover how the seed of […]

  • February 9

    Once upon a time in Spiti 24 mins / 2023 / Robin Singh This short documentary film is about the journey of Peepal Farm, an animal rescue and awareness organization, in Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh, and their experience of bringing social change. In the harsh winters of Spiti Valley, dogs eat dogs due to lack […]

  • February 2

    Is a whole food plant-based diet the answer to chronic / modern disease? Find out in this informative short documentary, which features a number of doctors discussing the benefits of vegan dieting, including Dr Kim Williams (immediate past president of the US College of Cardiology) among others. 39 mins / 2017 / Plant Based News

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