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  • In this episode of “Wonders of Life”, Brian Cox visits South East Asia’s ‘Ring of Fire’. In the world’s most volcanic region he explores the thin line that separates the living from the dead. Here he poses that most enduring of questions: what is life? The traditional answer is one that invokes the supernatural, as […]

  • What can animals’ emotions tell us about ourselves? This documentary takes us on a fascinating journey into the lives of the great apes. Did you know that chimpanzees wage war? Not only that, but they also show compassion, engage in cooperative behavior, and value fairness and reciprocity. Chimpanzees reconcile after fights, and comfort each other. […]

  • Experience our planet’s natural beauty and examine how climate change impacts all living creatures. Learn more about our wonderful planet in this ambitious documentary of spectacular scope. In this episode, cameras follow desert elephants seeking sustenance. Also featured are bison roaming North American grasslands and caterpillars living the good life underground. Our planet’s grasslands are […]

  • We all want to be healthy. We all want to protect the planet and we all want to be kind. Yet today we are facing a health crisis, an environmental crisis and an ethical crisis affecting people and the economy. How much difference can one person make? Let us be Heroes explores the impact of […]

  • Termites cannot tolerate sunlight; some of them are even blind. However they are one of the world’s most ingenious builders: Termites. They build high-risers without any technical devices that are, compared to the Empire State Building in New York, 25 times higher. They are the only animals that have managed to build an air-conditioning system […]

  • For more than 15 years, cameraman and ecologist John D. Liu has been working on his worldwide mission. This mission has been in regreening deserts and to restore biodiversity. It all started in 1995 when Liu filmed the Loess-plateau in China. He witnessed a local population who turned an area of almost the same size […]

  • The Earthing Movie is a documentary that reveals the scientific phenomenon of how we can heal our bodies by doing the simplest thing that a person can do – standing barefoot on the earth. The Earthing Movement is one of reconnecting people to our wonderful planet. 2019 / 75 minutes / Rebecca and Joshua Tickell […]

  • Experience our planet’s natural beauty and examine how climate change impacts all living creatures in this ambitious documentary of spectacular scope. Jungles and rainforests are home to an incredible variety of species like preening birds, intelligent orangutans and remarkably ambitious ants. These hotspots of biodiversity are under tremendous threat at this time. Our way of […]

  • A place on the edge of the abyss is reborn from its ashes with new and different versions. Ecotourism is the place where a hope resides that will determine great things in the future. All for the resistance struggle of the species that creates the most conflicts: ours, human beings. For this reason, this version […]

  • The film follows a team of researchers headed by Professor Elmar Noeth and Rachael Cheng from the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg. They spent three years collecting data on the movements and vocalization of various orca pods in the Pacific. Their aim was to investigate a possible connection between the patterns of the killer whales‘ calls and […]

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