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  • Experience our planet’s natural beauty and examine how climate change impacts all living creatures in this ambitious documentary of spectacular scope. Jungles and rainforests are home to an incredible variety of species like preening birds, intelligent orangutans and remarkably ambitious ants. These hotspots of biodiversity are under tremendous threat at this time. Our way of […]

  • A place on the edge of the abyss is reborn from its ashes with new and different versions. Ecotourism is the place where a hope resides that will determine great things in the future. All for the resistance struggle of the species that creates the most conflicts: ours, human beings. For this reason, this version […]

  • The film follows a team of researchers headed by Professor Elmar Noeth and Rachael Cheng from the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg. They spent three years collecting data on the movements and vocalization of various orca pods in the Pacific. Their aim was to investigate a possible connection between the patterns of the killer whales‘ calls and […]

  • May 6

    Vegucated is a guerrilla-style documentary that follows three meat- and cheese-loving New Yorkers who agree to adopt a vegan diet. They try to live this way for six weeks and learn what it’s all about. They have no idea that so much more than steak is at stake. They certainly are yet to find out […]

  • Human and animal communication creates a valuable bridge between human and non-human animals. By connecting with our intuition, we can engage in meaningful dialogue. We also remember how to hear the subtle messages from those whose space we share in our lives and our natural environment. Coming from a place of respect and reverence for […]

  • Witness the planet’s breathtaking diversity — from seabirds carpet-bombing the ocean to wildebeests eluding the wild dogs of the Serengeti. This film provides us with spectacular footage that shows us just how magnificent life on this planet is. It demonstrates where the planet is in need of our help and how we can help take […]

  • I Like It RAW is a documentary based on the premise that food is medicine. Join documentary filmmaker Dana Giesbrecht as she follows 5 meat-eating Albertans with pre-existing health conditions as they attempt to go fully RAW for 30 days and reclaim their health. This film will illuminate many truths about our food that are […]

  • In a new approach to help end hunting of the Amazonian manatee, a research project is working with traditional hunting communities. This project aims at the rescue and release injured manatees back into the wild. While this will only affect a small number of animals directly, it may help to change attitudes towards them and […]

  • The San Ignacio Lagoon, Baja, is the midpoint in a 10,000 mile long migration route for the grey whale – one of the longest migrations of all mammals. They come here to mate, give birth and raise their calves in the safety of the lagoon. Because they come here every year at the same time, […]

  • The Economics of Happiness spells out the social, spiritual, and ecological costs of today’s global economy while highlighting the multiple benefits of economic localization. The film showcases the steps people are already taking worldwide to rebuild their local economies and communities. Featuring Vandana Shiva, Bill McKibben, David Korten, Samdhong Rinpoche, and other inspiring thinkers. 2011 […]

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