The Vegan Animal Sanctuary in Sadhana Forest, Kenya provides a loving home and sanctuary for cows. All the animals who have found a home with us are rescued and were destined for slaughter or suffering from serious injury and illness. These residents now have the freedom to explore and enjoy a huge forest space and are provided with loving care, safety and security. 

Sadhana Forest is one of the only Vegan farm animal sanctuaries in Africa.

The Sanctuary was founded in September 2016, and now has 5 cows living with the community.

The Sadhana Forest sanctuary is funded solely on private donations. Our hope is to be able to secure more funding and have it keep growing, like our trees here!

Have you ever wanted to live in a vegan volunteer community with compassion at its core and with the opportunity to care for animals? 

If you are ready to make a moooove, join us here..

Meet some of our residents:


Perhaps the most dramatic transformation has been with Soro. She has put on weight consistently since she arrived and is now the largest and most imposing cow in the herd. She’s still a bit skittish but is gradually getting more comfortable reaching her nose out to take a sniff of an offered hand before huffing and backing away.


Siambu has also gone from skin and bones to a healthy and filled out cow. She suffered some

permanent hair loss due to previous sores on her hips, but it’s hardly noticeable due to her unique

colouring. She’s the shyest of the bunch, probably from mistreatment in her previous home, but she is comfortable and happy around her cow friends and seems to have healed from her trauma.


Nayeriko is the sweetest and most affectionate cow in the herd. She loves to be scratched between her ears and under her chin, and isn’t at all nervous around people. She is very happy to barge into the kitchen during lunch to ask someone to fill a bucket of water for her, sometimes not even waiting for the bucket to fill but drinking straight from the tap. If any of the other cows come along, though, she isn’t pushy and lets them get a drink ahead of her.


Suki spent her first year and half or so at Sadhana Forest Kenya with a lingering cough that we couldn’t seem to resolve. However, after the arrival of Soro, Siambu and Nayeriko it magically disappeared. Perhaps the barn is warmer at night with all more cows in it. As one of the first cows to arrive at Sadhana Forest Kenya, Suki has enjoyed being a bit more of a leader even though she’s one of the smaller cows. She tolerates some affection from time to time, and we think she’ll really warm to the new cow brushes that are on the way.


Afterstarting out as a bit of a boss, Toiye is still the dominant cow but has settled into a gentler role in the herd. She loves to run and is a bit of an imp. But while all the other cows are lying down for a rest, she can often be found still standing, seemingly keeping watch over her buddies.