Since the seedballing event of 2010 we have been busy working on the infrastructure of our land and after building the main hut we have now moved in. I want to share this occasion and pictures with you all, we are now very comfortable in our multi-functioning main hut.

Amoung the trees, the outside:
Nueva imagen

Please come on in:

Here’s our kitchen complete with a T-bar for chopping tasty fruits and veg:

And of course no Sadhana Forest kitchen would be complete without some wonderfully efficient rocket stoves to cook tasty food on:

On the other side we have our dining and lounge area complete with power outlets from our solar panels:

In the last few months we have dug the local school’s well deeper, installed a solar pump and tank, and laid pipe to our land so that we can meet all our food forest and garden needs. Our needs too, with our super Aqua Sun filter, so that we can drink safe freshly filtered water. You can see it on the left here:

We are now ready to work the land knowing we have this wonderful space to be in. I hope you’d like to come too, just email, everyone is welcome. Even our 8 legged friends who like popcorn 😀