For a few days in November Sadhana Forest Haiti hosted a group of aspiring Haitian Permaculturalists and their US advisor. The Om Valley Permaculture group from the Fondwa region of Haiti came to visit Sadhana Forest Haiti, the local cross border market, and to experience a snippet of the Dominican Republic. (This was very new experience for many in the group!)

One morning involved getting out our trusty ´A´Frame contour finder and building a couple of beautiful on contour swales on the lower area of Sadhana Forest Haiti’s land. These swales now allow us to harvest the water we receive from the irrigation canal much more efficiently.

The group took with them 200 young Maya Nut trees to distribute within their farming community, and left with us a prototype solar cooker with which to roast peanuts. Henceforth, we now enjoy our own tasty “mamba,” a delicious spicy peanut butter.