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  • The Economics of Happiness spells out the social, spiritual, and ecological costs of today’s global economy. Importantly, the film also highlights the many benefits of a shift towards the local and showcases some of the steps people are already taking worldwide. Featuring interviews with Vandana Shiva, Bill McKibben, David Korten, Samdhong Rinpoche, and other inspiring […]

  • Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home explores the powerful struggle of conscience experienced by several people from traditional farming backgrounds who come to question the basic assumptions of their way of life. This struggle carries out in the minds of visitors to the farm sanctuary. A riveting story of transformation and healing, the documentary portrays the […]

  • The episode focuses on one particular species – the Northern White Rhino, which is on the brink of extinction. The Democratic Republic of the Congo’s Garamba National Park is the only place to find the surviving wild population. Mark Carwardine hopes to return to the park where he and Douglas Adams managed to find and […]

  • Ladakh is a fragile region in the Northern most part of India. Over the years, development reached this tucked away corner of the country. However, this development comes at a heavy price. How we can learn about ecological solutions from an ancient culture? Ladakh, or Little Tibet, is a wildly beautiful desert land high in […]

  • Political and economic policies have kept Cuba isolated for over five decades. However, its borders are open to wildlife which find Cuba irresistible.  Many islands in the Caribbean have poisoned or paved over their ecological riches on land and in the sea. The tourism industry drives this change. Cuba’s wild landscapes have remained virtually untouched […]

  • In the early 1990s, the first results from the China Project were being published. A Cornell documentary crew began months of filming in Mongolian villages, Shanghai communes, Beijing hospitals, and research facilities. These facilities located at Oxford and Cornell Universities create a video that would capture the scope and significance of the study. The study […]

  • January 10

    Every kilometer of ocean now contains an average of 74,000 pieces of plastic. A ‘plastic soup’ of waste, killing hundreds of thousands of animals every year and leaching chemicals slowly up the food chain. In Holland, scientists found garbage in the stomachs of 95% of all fulmar birds. Meanwhile in the US, conservationists are seeing […]

  • This documentary involves the stories of different people who talk about their journey towards veganism. Athletes, new mothers, chefs alike share their views on veganism. It examines the process that people go through to make the connection between their choices and their values. It also highlights the choices people need to make to get there. […]

  • This documentary takes a critical look at the conservation of tigers in India. In addition to looking at the state of Wildlife Reserves, Krishnendu Bose also focuses on the areas surrounding reserves. His journey takes him through India to talk to relevant personnel about the state of India’s national animal. These include park rangers, villagers, […]

  • December 20

    The film (directed and produced by PBN founder Klaus Mitchell) tracks the progress of the vegan movement. Additionally, it covers the challenges that the movement faces over the last 12 months. In a bid to investigate the phenomenal growth of veganism over the last 12 months, Mitchell took a deep dive into how and why […]

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