Events India

  • April 5

    UNITY 99 Minutes / English / 2015 / Directed by Shaun Monson Despite the advent of science, literature, technology, philosophy, religion, and so on — none of these has assuaged humankind from killing one another, the animals, and nature. UNITY is a film about why we can’t seem to get along, even after thousands and […]

  • ALMENDRO: TREE OF LIFE  51mins / English / 2003 / Directed by Barbara Fally-Puskás   The Almendro is one of the most impressive giant trees in the tropical forests of  Costa Rica. It hosts -from roots to top – about one thousand different lifeforms, and more than 60 species consume its fruits. Almendro and the Great Green […]

  • March 22

    Shipbreakers 72 mins / English / 2004 / Directed By Michael Kot The movie talks about the lack of environmental or safety restrictions in these ship breaking yards to protect the ship-breakers from workplace dangers and toxic substances such as PCBs and asbestos in the world’s largest maritime graveyard

  • 58 mins / English – Italian – Japanese with Subtitles / 2015 / Directed By Matteo Gagliardi A powerful documentary – shot from March 11th, 2011 through March 2015 – that sheds some light on what really happened at the Fukushima nuclear power plant after the 2011 earthquake and the tsunami that followed.  

  • Animals Building Skills 50 mins / English / 2015 / Produced By Phil Coles Everyone needs a place to live, but some aren’t happy with the great outdoors, they look for some home comforts – they use extraordinary specialist building skills to construct the perfect home. Homes have many uses. They can prove a bolthole […]

  •  Urban Mining – Gold in our trash 47 mins / English / 2015 / Directed by Frank Wiering A ton of broken mobile phones, computers or other electronic waste contains sixty times the amount of gold a ton of gold ore has. Moreover, it is easier to get at. It is estimated that 30 to […]

  • Treatment under the Pines 42 mins / English / 2018 / Directed by Klaus Kastenholz Forests are so much more than just exploitable land; they can also be a place of healing. An increasing number of doctors and scientists agree forests can have positive health effects, such as alleviating hypertension, depression and stress.    

  • FEB 15

    Desert Seas

    46 Minutes / 2011 / English / Directed by: Simon Nash, Dominic Weston, Mark Wheeler

    Along the east and west coasts of Saudi Arabia are two seas that contain a treasure of marine life that few knew existed and even fewer had ever seen. Sir David Attenborough unveils the two stunning underwater realms of Saudi Arabia – the flamboyant Red Sea and the contrasting hot muddy Gulf.

  • Arabian Inferno – When the Rains Come

    48 Minutes / 2017 / English / Directed by: Blink Films

    The summer months bring with them one of the most significant natural phenomena of the region, the monsoon, or “khareef” in Arabic. The ocean upwelling that results along the coast of the Sultanate of Oman, brings nutrient-rich water up to the surface. The strip of land between the Dhofar mountains and the sea becomes remarkably lush, green and teeming with life.

  • Let us be Heroes

    41 Minutes / 2018 / English / Directed by: Rebecca Cappelli

    The film explores the impact of our food and lifestyle choices on our health, our home planet and our values. It shares inspiring stories from athletes, food and fashion entrepreneurs, a public speaker and an ocean warrior fighting to protect people, planet and animals.

May the forest be with you.