Water Haiti

Besides planting and nurturing trees, another major project in Sadhana Forest Haiti (SFH) is water conservation. Because SFH is located on a rock bed, where little soil exists, it is very difficult to do water conservation.

Our aim is to achieve, as close as we can, zero water run-off. Creating earth bunds is not feasible where we hardly have any soil. In Sadhana Forest Haiti we devised a system where we construct the bunds from layers of rocks and used clothing. These bunds help slow down water and help it percolate into the underground aquifer. The trees that we plant also help in water conservation, the roots of the trees slowly break the rock bed and help the water percolate into the aquifer.

As part of our sustainable way of living, we practice various methods to minimize our water wastage, and maximize our awareness of the water we do use. We wash our hands with water that flows from a coconut shell with a hole near its base that we top up with a cup. This is something that can be done anywhere and tremendously reduces the amount of water wasted.