Vanakam Forest Folk!!!

Wednesday evening saw the return of food theme night, yaaay!!! Sadhana Forest had the pleasure of devouring some Mediterranean delights, prepared by our long term volunteer/kitchen coordinator Sebastian and volunteer chef, Zack from the US!!! The Greek vegan platter included tasty tsatsiki expertly made using tofu instead of yogurt, accompanied by roasted egg plant, tomato salsa, sourdough bread and lemon broccoli…. Yummy ! It was definitely a hit with us Sadhanites!!!

seb stuff face

This is Sebastian.

The Greek meal was then followed by our weekly open stage session, which featured an array of poetry, live music and poi performance, finishing with a Spartan dance routine comically endured by our rippling trio Tom, Tobin and Preston!!!!

A much enjoyed evening had by all!!! We greatly look forward to next Wednesday’s theme night … but for now…

… we send love, leaves and laughter!!

Cat x