A large group of children and their teachers came all the way from Chennai this Friday to visit Sadhana Forest! They were extremely enthusiastic and hard working and loved being a part of the scene here.

Some children joined moving piles of branches, still left from the cyclone! Others joined in the kitchen and the vast majority came to the forest.

Carrying branches out of Children's land

New pile for Branches

All the branches are now moved out of Children’s Land, leaving space for other Children to come in the future and enjoy the space!

One of our forest projects is to improve one of our dams with vetiver grass, for today we will focus on making a bund to plant the grass on.


Preparing for making a bund

2 hours of bunding

A heavily compacted bund starting to take shape!

Thanks to the Siragu group many of our thristy trees have been replenished and are more prepared for the dry summer!

Watering Trees

This girl helps in the chain of transporting water from one of our mud pools to the seedlings in the forest.


Mulch (dry organic material such as leaves) spread to keep the water from evaporating, and also enriching the soil! Vishu, one of our volunteers, shows how to do this.

Thank you everyone from Siragu for joining us and help build our forest!

Take our photo!

These children loved having their photo taken, they hurriedly huddled infront of the camera!