The Eco Film(s) on Friday, October 30th:

Multiple Short Films about the Differently-Abled

The Award Winners at the “We Care Filmfest”: Celebrating Diversity 2009 / Genre: Documentary. 50 minutes.

1. Abilities Unlimited – a group of young adults sitting in a restaurant plays beautiful music. Nobody knows that they are disabled , when they finishes then it is revealed to other non-disabled youth they had some disabilities. They are inspired by their talent.

2. Access for All– awareness raising film showing why access important and how can we promote it.

3. Becky – a young girl (animation/cartoon) talks about her life and appeals to include disabled persons in mainstream society.

4. Inclusion – Animation on accessibility helps everyone.

5. Few 2 min short films… – awareness raising and very inspiring films to integrate disabled persons

Joining us for the film will be representatives of SAMARTHYAM “National Centre for Accessible Environments.”

Here is a short award winning film of the  We Care Filmfest 2008, CHAL: