Monday morning, during breakfast, is the time when our Sadhana volunteers offer and request workshops. We’ve seen it all; from designing beautiful, etherial dreamcatchers to giving percussion lessons, from henna tattoos to discovering the hidden secrets of the forest. Every week is packed with creativity!

Two such workshops lately have been facepainting and intercultural communication.

Millie and Jimmy, a couple from the UK, chose to gift our community with incredibly colourful and unique face masks. Gathering in the main hut, we watched as they worked and were surprised at the results, just see for yourself!

Jimmy, with an electric blue and pink feline creation.

Michelle, sporting a graceful butterly…

A living lion takes over Vishu. 

Dimitar, representing the music project Shpongle.

Last but not least, our lovely Josephine with a delicate flower design.


This past Friday, Sadhana opened its arms to welcome the students and teachers of Dandelion School, from Korea. As part of their three and a half month program to educate students on the environment and sustainability, they will be living and working with several NGO’s and communities based in India, Cambodia and Tailand.

The idea of having an intercultural communication workshop has been around for several weeks, but now seemed the perfect time to get everyone together and practice those skills!

Led by two of our long-term volunteers, we began with some group building activities.

Group building activies for our intercultural communication workshop

We then broke up into smaller groups to talk about our background and hobbies. We discovered many musicians, artists and budding scientists amongst us!

Discussing our passions was a great way to get to know the new volunteers better.

India meets Korea and Malaysia.

A circle from the UK, France and Korea!

More workshops taking place this week are “analyzing music”, bracelete making, french lessons and capoeira, so stay tuned for more!