Come and join us for Sadhana Forest 9th Birthday Celebrations!!!

Sadhana Forest, Sunday, December 23rd

Come join us for a full day of fun, food and some amazing environmental movies to celebrate the 9th birthday of Sadhana Forest! There will be workshops, vegan organic food, live music (feel free to bring your own instruments to join spontaneous jam sessions) and creative activities for children. As always, everything is completely free!

This festival is a great opportunity for learning about sustainability and the Sadhana Forest project, sharing and acquiring knowledge, passion and skills, eating great food and having fun! You’ll get to taste great vegan desserts, vegan chai and many other wonderful dishes. All are welcome to come take part in this all-day celebration!!!

There will be a shuttle bus throughout the day for pickup and drop running between Solar Kitchen and Sadhana Forest for you to come and go.

Movie Schedule: Refer to the ECO FILM MARATHON PROGRAMME for full synopses, trailers and some complete movies

8:30 pmDinner – all the visitors are welcome to join us in the main hut for a vegan, organic meal

Workshop Schedule

Arts and Crafts Space – all day

Yoga with Ivy – 10.30 am

Laughter Yoga with Bruce – 11.30 am

Spine Awareness with Tash – 2.00 pm

Food Ethics with Jamey – 3.00 pm

Belly Exercises for Inner Organ Strength with Christina – 4 .00 pm

Veganizing Your Food with Brooke – 4.30 pm

Yoga with Dimitar – 5.30 pm