Sadhana Forest has started a Mobile Reforestation project in Virudhunagar District, southern Tamil Nadu (India).

This region, south of the city of Madurai, has been heavily deforested and is strongly suffering because of climate change. Rainfed agriculture is becoming increasingly difficult. This is forcing many local people to leave their ancestral villages behind and look for employment in the cities.

We have converted a second-hand bus into a Mobile Reforestation Unit and are planting indigenous, drought-resistant, food-bearing trees. We are working together with local people to plant trees, carry out water conservation and training in a rural area that is suffering from drought and loss of livelihoods.

Join the Plant 4 India Fellowship if you would like to be part of our projects in Virudhunagar or Meghalaya and help regenerate degraded lands and mitigate climate change in rural India.