Now that we’ve begun to see real recovery of our structures after the cyclone, it’s time to share the joy with our friends and well-wishers across the globe!

New structures awaiting keet (palm tree leaf) roofs.

Volunteers have moved into recently finished structures which have been redesigned to better withstand storms such as the cyclone.

New Structure

New hut with roof and all!

The newest models are much more stable and robust; shorter and thicker pillars hide the keet (palm tree roof) from the winds at the higher altitudes and gives less chance of pillars splitting from the force, the structures are also build with bigger heavier beams which will weigh down and have much stronger resilience to the forces of nature! Some of these structures are truly tanks in comparison to their ancestors!

Shorter, more stable and durable granite pillars.

A generous volunteer chose to fund building a Yurt in Sadhana Forest, also donating his knowledge and time by building it during his stay here. Read more here.

Yurt in Construction

The yurt under construction

Untill now, 5 brand new huts have been built with these new robust designs. Two roofs have been replaced and all huts that could be saved are fully repaired! We are  continuing to build huts and replace roofs, yet we have come a long way!

We are so full of gratitude and awe, toward you all, well-wishers and friends across the globe who have made the recovery, growth and rebirth of our community possible!!!!

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

Deeply and sincerely,

Aviram and Yorit Rozin and the whole of Sadhana Forest