On Friday, March 29th we celebrate a Sadhana Forest Kenya Night and screen Mzima: The Haunt of the River Horse (Hippo) as our weekly Eco Film.

2001 – 48 minutes. Produced by Mark Deeble & Victoria Stone, English

Kenya’s Mzima Springs host a lush oasis where an intricate web of life revolves around massive hippopotamus who live there. The 3,000-pound herbivores raise families while fueling a dynamic food chain that stretches from terrapins to crocodiles. The vibrant springs provide a place for the females to soak and rest their tired heads while the males fish and guard their territory. Hippo calves spend much of their first weeks of life avoiding danger – in the form of a crocodile or a territorial male hippo – and learn early to stick close to their mother for protection.

Join us also for a presentation on Sadhana Forest Kenya and for a delicious dinner of Kenyan food!

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