Join us for a conversation with Nipun Mehta on Friday 8 December at Sadhana Forest.

Could AI regenerate Ahimsa? What might emerge if the unfathomable (and often unnerving) artificial intelligence can be married to our heart’s intelligence (that operates with even more precision than electricity or gravity)?

A dialogue on this important topic, to educate yourself around AI and see how ahimsa-led everyday heroes can embrace the “bull by its horn”, raise new questions, and help co-imagine futures where ancient wisdom stays alive.

Nipun Mehta is the founder of ServiceSpace, an incubator of projects that works at the intersection of technology, volunteerism and a gift culture. Most recently, ServiceSpace has attracted global attention from industry leaders with its launch of “CompassionGPT” and 80+ subsequent bots with world-renowned thought leaders and organizations (and VinobaBot) — in an attempt to “leapfrog heart-intelligence to front of innovation train instead of being a trailing add-on.” What is perhaps even more compelling  is that ServiceSpace has delivered value for 25 years, without any paid staff, fundraising or tracking impact; traditional leaders from the founders of major social media networks to heads of state to global influencers have sought out these uncommon design principles.

This event will be part of Sadhana Forest’s weekly Eco Film Club. At 6.30pm we will screen the talk ‘Beyond the AI dilemma’ by Tristan Harris, followed by a discussion with Nipun. Afterwards vegan dinner will be served.

Shuttle buses will leave at 4pm and 6pm from Solar Kitchen and return after dinner at the end of the evening. This whole event is offered as a gift, free of charge.