The Ecofilm on Friday, March 18th at 19:00 will be Leap of Faith – Explorations in Swarji. Please join us for a question and answer with the director, Shammi Nanda, directly after the film.

Genre: Documentary, Directed by: Shammi Nanda, 2007, 51 Minutes, Hindi/English w/ English subtitles

Leap of Faith

The film explores the lives of three families who are making sustainable choices by allowing the children to learn naturally at home, self healing and doing organic farming in three different cities in india. The film also takes its inspiration from Fukuoka’s ideas of ‘do nothing’ and extends it to our daily lives.

Vinita gave birth to Zui at home, Qudrat learns from the world around him, Karunaji and Vasant Bhai nurture themselves and the Earth by growing their own food.Leap of Faith 2 Inspired by Masanobu Fukuoka’s ‘do-nothing’ approach to farming, these three families have applied this vision to different aspects of their lives. On Karunaji’s farm, crops and forest flourish without pesticides or artificial fertilizers. Believing in the body’s innate ability to heal itself, Vinita does not feel the need to take any medicines, whether they be allopathic, homeopathic or otherwise. Sumi and Chandresh trust their children can carve out their own learning journeys, believing that as John Holt says, ‘learning ends where teaching starts.’