Help Build a Flourishing Indiginous Food Forest!

We are now offering a FREE Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) course, with hands on experience over two months in the summer of 2012 in Anse- Pitres, Haiti. This will give participants the chance to apply their knowledge and help the local Haitian community.

Sadhana Forest Haiti is an international volunteer community that aims to reintroduce an indigenous food forest to Haiti. We share with volunteers and our local community our desire to live sustainably, from organic food growth to alternative energy sources, to composting. We utilize Permaculture techniques and design philosophy to achieve our goals.

As part of the course we will travel to rural communities in Haiti, plant trees and help design and implement little food gardens! 

If you have ever dreamed of getting hands on experience and helping supply food security for Haitian communities…

Here is your chance!

We urgently need enthusiastic volunteers to help us restore the environment and improve the quality of life of thoudsands of people.

You will receive training in permaculture design free of charge, while also learning intercultural communication in Haiti from JUNE 11 – AUGUST 10, 2012.  Each student will have a chance to apply the permaculture techniques to a specific site in Haiti that will immediatily benfit local Hatiain families.

So if you…


  • Are intrested in regenerative agriculture
  • Are willing to contribute $4 a day for three vegan meals, made with locally purchased ingredients
  • Want to make a significant impact on people’s livelihood and the environment
  • Can offer 2 months or more of your time



Enquiries can be sent to:

We offer…


  • An amazing work experience and future opportunities with our diverse range of projects in India and Haiti
  • A free PDC
  • Technical and communication training
  • Full community accommodation
  • Opportunity to get internship credits