One Day, Everything Will be Free

Free conference & documentary preview With Aviram Rozin,  founder of Sadhana Forest Auroville

Saturday March 16th, 7 pm
Salle “Sapiens”, Rue du Mérinos, 1
1210 Saint-Josse-ten-Noode

Transition Towns Brussels, Biomimicry Europa and Chaordic Design, organize, in collaboration with the Commune of Saint-Josse-Ten-Noode, a conference by Aviram Rozin in Brussels, founder and activist of Sadhana Forest, an  international reforestation initiative active on 3 continents.

This conference will be introduced by a preview of the forthcoming feature-length documentary One day, everything will be free, by Joseph Redwood-Martinez.

The topics Aviram will cover are:

• CO2-reduction,
• the vegan lifestyle,
• community building,
• non-violent communication,
• values and ideas directly connected to transition-movement, global warming, biodiversity, …

One day, everything will be free is a feature-length documentary about Sadhana Forest Haiti, an ecological restoration project run by a utopian community located in one of the most politically complicated and environmentally degraded terrains in the world—in an area referred to locally as “the wasteland.”