Our next Eco Film on Friday, October 19th will be Fight for Amazonia: Raids in the Rainforest.

Documentary, 2012 – 48 minutes. Al-jazeera. Brazil, English.

Watch the full first part here:

From the heart of the Amazon jungle comes this three-part series showing the efforts being made to save the world’s most endangered rainforest. The first film follows Brazil’s youngest national park director as she declares war on the drug gangs, logging mafia and illegal fishing threatening the Amazon Rainforest. The Campos Amazonicos National Park is one of the most problematic in Brazil. It is a microcosm of all the problems found in the Amazon: illegal logging, cattle breeding, tin mines and a drugs route that runs right through the middle of it. Turning this dire situation around to save the forest is the challenge undertaken by Ana Rafaela D’Amico as the director of the national park. The movie tells us about the struggles involved in the efforts to protect the forest, including educating local villagers and the need for a change in patterns of consumption by the entire world.