The Land of Ahimsa brings you on journey to understanding the origins of Ahimsa. Through knowledge from experts on environment, nutrition, spirituality and advocacy they illustrate the importance of “Ahimsa” in action. While focused in India, the intention is that this will resonate across the globe. Dolly Vyas Ahuja is the grand daughter of freedom fighter, Mr. Chagan Lal Joshi. She brings us along as she returns to her homeland after having discovered the power of “Ahimsa” through her transition to a vegan lifestyle. Dr. Sailesh Rao, one of the original engineers of the internet, has over three decades of professional experience and is the Founder of Climate Healers.

The filmmakers will be present for a Q&A session following the documentary.

2022 / 87 minutes / Dolly Vyas Ahuja and Dr Sailesh Rao

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