In the early 1990s, the first results from the China Project were being published. A Cornell documentary crew began months of filming in Mongolian villages, Shanghai communes, Beijing hospitals, and research facilities. These facilities located at Oxford and Cornell Universities create a video that would capture the scope and significance of the study.

The study is the largest of its kind, detailing the dietary habits of a large portion of the Chinese population. The findings are frequently referenced by nutritionists. The survey emphasizes the connection between diet and lifestyle diseases. The public at large still needs to know about this connection. The documentary also captures the essence of life in China across different regions.

Professor Colin T. Campbell published his study in 2004. Although it’s a topic that many people now discuss, this study was the first of its kind. It definitively shows the connection between diet and lifestyle. People now know the connection between consumption of meat and dairy and the incidence of coronary diseases. Consequently, many people have decided to take meat and dairy out of their diet.

The questionnaire is extensive and covers numerous aspects of the lives of Chinese citizens across the country. The questions capture many aspects of the lives of the subjects. The subjects include pregnant women, children, working adults and several other demographics. As a result, the diversity in subjects widens the scope of the experiment.

55 mins / 1994 / Directed by Daniel Booth

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