SCHOOLING THE WORLD takes a challenging, sometimes funny, ultimately deeply disturbing look at the effects of modern education. It looks at the impact that it has on the world’s last sustainable indigenous cultures. Today, volunteers build schools in traditional societies around the world, convinced that school is the only way to a ‘better’ life for indigenous children. But is this true? What really happens when we replace a traditional culture’s way of learning and understanding the world with our own? This documentary covers the history of using schools to wipe out indigenous cultures’ traditions over the past few centuries.

A problematic part of the modern schooling system lies in indoctrination. And so the pressure to seem more modern is eating away at values that traditional people hold. This pressure is spreading across the globe. There are very few remaining pockets that resist the impending homogenising of learning systems. However, with the constant threats of financial security in a global economy, there is little that these pockets can achieve on their own.

A holistic shift in the way we perceive learning education is definitely due. This documentary on industrial schooling touches on the need to design such a model.

64 Minutes / 2010 / Directed by Carol Black

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