This documentary involves the stories of different people who talk about their journey towards veganism. Athletes, new mothers, chefs alike share their views on veganism. It examines the process that people go through to make the connection between their choices and their values. It also highlights the choices people need to make to get there. Additionally, it reveals that living a compassionate life doesn’t mean living a less fun life!

The film explores the reality of our choices and their impact on the world around us. With interest in veganism rising over the years consequently a lot more information is available to the public. The film shows that you can live a compassionate life and still enjoy your meals while eating healthily.

The film clearly establishes that there’s nothing stopping us from living lives of compassion and kindness. We raise children to block out their connection to the world around them. The journey that people take is to unlearn these distinctions and to break down the barrier to compassion.

Will you make the connection and become a part of the solution?

32 mins / 2010 / Directed by Ella Todd

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You can view the movie on Youtube by clicking this link.

The film will be followed by a special performance of musicians.