Trees cover 4 billion hectares of our planet, a vast blanket of green that produces a third of the Earth’s oxygen. Stretching from the American south to the Canadian north, the world’s forests provide sanctuary to a glorious and diverse array of animal life. This forest cover previously occupied much of the land’s area. Over centuries of human activity, however, it has drastically reduced.

Forests play a crucial role in maintaining the balance of life on this planet. From the very small bacteria and fungi to the large trees, a forest is home to multitudes of life forms. They provide areas to sequester and store carbon and also produce considerable amounts of oxygen. At this point in earth’s history, we need to pay attention to the health of forests and what we can do to support them. Our activities in civilisation have threatened the health of all life on this planet and so we need to protect them.

Forests represent the simplest way for us to repair our relationship with the planet. By planting trees and regrowing forests, we can aid in the rehabilitation of many vulnerable ecosystems.

2015 / 50 minutes / Phil Coles

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