Rights of Nature –
2018/ 52 Minutes / Isaac Isaac Goeckeritz, Hal Crimmel and Valeria Berros
The documentary, THE RIGHTS OF NATURE: A GLOBAL MOVEMENT, shot in Ecuador, New Zealand and Santa Monica, California, focuses on a growing environmental initiative where natural areas are given legal provisions that can be enforced by people, governments and communities.
It shows viewers the importance of granting vital considerations to Natural features in order to boost protection and conservation efforts. It highlights some of the progressive laws passed to this end. Though these changes in legislation have changed a lot, much work still needs to be done to improve public opinion. Indigenous peoples have for long pushed law-makers to consider the wellbeing of a nation’s natural habitat. At last, governments are taking note of their requests to make meaningful changes.
We need to change our relationship with nature at this time in the Earth’s history, more than ever.
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