This documentary depicts the efforts of Canadians and Cubans who are tackling the issues of food security and environmental impacts of agriculture. The innovative approaches of organic, community and urban gardening help achieve this goal.

The film touches upon the collapse of the USSR and its impact on Cuba. Additionally, it captures the spirit of the resilience of the people. The people of Cuba needed to feed themselves and their country by extension. And so the model that Cuba laid through their organic urban gardens is gaining more interest in the rest of the world. The switch to less-input farms world-over and the rising demand for organic food will need a workable model to imitate.

A decade after the collapse and the tightened embargo by the US, Cuba won the Right Livelihood Award. This remarkable achievement proves that organic farming can feed the world. However, feeding the world is only one part of the picture: the rest lies in the environmental sustainability element of the process. As a result, the productivity had increased, as had average income levels in Cuba.

The documentary talks about how life in Cuba had improved as a result of the Green Revolution.

45 mins / 2012 / Produced by Laura Heller and Luis O. Garcia

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You can view the movie on Youtube by clicking this link and this one for the second part of the documentary.