Happy Diwali Everyone!!!

Last night at Sadhana Forest we began the Diwali festival celebrations with a spectacular high energy drumming performance, lead by our local friend Murali and his band from Pondy.

Diwali, meaning ‘festival of light’ or Dīpāvali (Sanskrit: a row of lamps) is the most colourful  Indian festival and is celebrated on the Kartika Amavasya or New Moon of October/November every year.

After the screening of this week’s Environmental movie “King Cobra”, our Friday night guests were served a tasty vegan dinner and then invited to hit the dance floor! The drummers put on a great show and worked up our excited Sadhanites until there were no bums left on seats, just a sea of sweaty dancing bodies and happy flushed faces!!!

Diwali Dance

Photo: Igor  Dawali Dance

We look forward to our friend’s next loud and rhythmical visit and continue with our Diwali celebrations here in Auroville!!!

Let us know what you are up to this Diwali weekend… enjoy the festivities!

Love, Light and Laughter…

Cat x