We are currently preparing the site here in Anse-Pitres, Haiti to host a Creole Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) course from the 3rd to the 14th of June.

We are delighted to offer this opportunity in collaboration with the SOIL (Sustainable Organic Integrated Livelihoods) organisation based in Port-au-Prince who are doing wonderful work there transforming wastes into resources. More can be found on their website here – http://www.oursoil.org/soil-to-help-host-a-permaculture-design-certificate-course-in-june/

The main teacher will be Jean Arnaud, SOIL’s Sustainability and Capacity Development Consultant. Jean was part of the award winning group, UMass Permaculture, which last year was recognized by President Barack Obama in Washington DC as Campus Champions of Change. He will be assisted by a local team trained by him in permaculture last year. We hope this will open up a huge amount of time to share with everyone involved in the course.

Creole PDC with Jean Arnaud

The course will be the standard 72 hour syllabus with a high emphasis on local practical applications including all topics as below:-

* Theory and principles of Permaculture

* Eco-friendly house placement and design

* Energy conservation techniques

* Recycling and waste management

* Organic food production

* Water harvesting and management

* Ecological pest control

* Drought-proofing

* Soil rehabilitation and erosion control

* Catastrophe preparedness and prevention

* Windbreaks and fire control

We no longer have any more places left on the course and so this page is mainly to ask for volunteer support in helping to with the logistics of the course such as cooking, site preparation work, hygiene management and all else that needs to happen to keep the course running. You will not receive a PDC but by giving this time you’ll have the opportunity to share a lot with all the participants, be a part of some of the lessons and so learn a great deal from the experience.

Please email us at sadhanaforesthaiti(at)gmail.com for further details in getting here and how you can be a big part of this course.

We hope to see you here soon…