On the 27th  more than 250 people  participated in the 2nd birthday of the Children’s Land project! Eleven games and many performances were held during the celebration! All the volunteers of Sadhana Forest, about 100 volunteers, ran the activities.

All the children went home with a mask and a smile…

So the celebration was a great success!



The most popular activity was Face painting! By the afternoon the children’s faces were full of color!





Another activity was natural playdoh! They first draw on paper and then fill the formes with the playdoh. The children created many beautiful colors!



Tasting and Guessing – This game is a blindfolded discovery of taste and smell. The children were given different foods to guess what they were!

The speciality of the day –  Vegan muffins, rosella leaves and seeds, tapioca chips, cinnamon, star anise, citrus leaves, turmeric, and chili powder, and banana…   They loved it!!!



There where also many performances during the birthday!

There was a puppet show, capoeira (Brazilian dance), clown and magic perfomance, body percussion and more