A market was held in Auroville to celebrate Earth Day. Sadhana Forest came with our chefs and some creative hands to share some of our joys and talents. Our chefs prepared some snacks to give out in the market. Sheela’s Special Laddus (ball-shaped Indian sweet) made mainly from various local organic flours and jaggery (palm tree syrup) was a succes along with Osher’s sweet ragi (local millet) pudding.

Shela with Snacks

Sheela serving free vegan snacks to all visitors of the market!

Our crafts enthusiasts showed anyone interested how you can reuse items such as plastic bottles and torn t-shirts to make beautiful and fun accessories. Raja shared his techniques of cutting plastic bottles and transforming them into bangles (indian braclets) while Ally showed how t-shirts can live a second life as a trendy purse!

Bracelet from plastic bottles

Cuttings from a plastic bottle and old bits of cloth to make a bracelet!

Wrapping plastic in cloth

Wrapping the plastic in colorful cloth bits.

T-shirts second life as a handbag

A model of a re-used t-shirt, turned into a crafty all purpose bag!

Finished bag

Yet another t-shirt has found a new life!