The Eco Film on Friday, September 25th::

Alone in the Wilderness

Genre: Documentary. Director: Bob Swerer. USA, 2004. 57 Minutes.

“Alone in the Wilderness” is the true story of Dick Proenneke living in the Alaska wilderness. Dick filmed his adventures so he could show his relatives in the lower 48 states what life was like in Alaska, building his cabin, hunting for food and…Dick Proenneke retired at age 50 in 1967 and decided follow his dream to build his own cabin on the shore of Twin Lakes. The first summer he scouted for the best cabin site, and cut and peeled the logs he would need for his cabin. Dick Proenneke returned the next summer to finish the cabin where he lived for over 30 years. Dick filmed his adventures, and Bob Swerer later turned it into a film so we can all watch this amazing who inspired so many to live a more sustainable life.

So, friends of Sadhana Forest spread out over this beautiful planet: Go watch this movie whereever you are, join our Club, organize an Eco Film Club meeting in your hood and then let’s start discussing it by commenting on this post!