Our Eco Film on Friday, February 15th at 7 p.m. will be Auroville, the Golden Bond towards Human Unity.

2011 – 52 minutes. Directed by Michèle Decoust, English.

The film is so new that the only media available online is this 3 minute trailer:

Auroville, a cosmopolitan town in the South-East of India, has been named “The City of Dawn” four decades ago by the Mother, spiritual companion of the great Indian sage Sri Aurobindo; who dedicated his whole life to the evolution of consciousness. Auroville, “the City of Human Unity”, was granted by the Mother a Charter, so ambitious and inspired that it gave birth to the hope of a reconciled Babel. Through unexpected pathways, a handful of adventurers, seeking meaning and transcendence, heard the Call. Nowadays, Auroville has 2200 inhabitants spread out into 100 communities. Are they truly embodying the human unity so intensely desired by the Mother?

Is this even possible amongst 45 nationalities whose cultures, lifestyles, belief and value systems were originally so different? At a time when humanity is searching for a new model, can these planetary pioneers be a source of inspiration in our quest for Human Unity? Ten Aurovilians, artists, designers, managers of all backgrounds, wonder and answer each other in a single and multiple voice, to express this force which connects them faithful to the Call which radically transformed their lives.