Greetings Sadhana World !!!

Over the past few days, Sadhana Forest was honored to welcome to our home two passionate farmers from the state of Uttar Pradesh, Dr. Ransindh Arya and Abhishek Dwivedi !

farmer pics 002

Dr. Arya is a co-founder of the Bharatiya Kisan Union (BKU). The BKU is the largest farmer’s union in India and works for the rights of Indian farmers.

Dr. Arya and Abhishek Dwivedi are travelling throughout South India exploring forms of progressive farming. Sadhana Forest is inspired by their views on sustainability and their journeys in life promoting sustainable agriculture.

Thank you for joining us in the forest, Dr. Arya and Mr. Dwivedi, and we hope that you come visit us again soon !

Peace and love !