Over the last week we organized three group visits to Pebble Garden, home to our dedicated Aurovilian neigbors Deepika and Bernard. Their seven acres of  reforested land and organic farming methods are of high interest to Sadhana Forest, as they have been  planting, growing, and experimenting on the same severely eroded land for almost 15 years. It was very exciting  for volunteers to take a guided tour around an area that is an example of the future of the Sadhana project, representing the results of hard work, patience and dedication, using various successful soil improvement, planting, and water conservation methods.

Bernard and Deepika’s raised, layered bed methods have been tried and adopted in the Sadhana Forest garden. It was helpful for the garden team to discuss and recap such methods in detail with the experienced couple, whose time we were most grateful for (we love you!). We were reminded of the basic but effective organic techniques used to create biomass in order to create soil and fertile environments, enabling plant growth and forest to evolve!!!!

The Aurovilian couple pride themselves in using only local organic materials and matter available on their land and that of close neighbours, ruling out buying of any additional aids. They have also built a kiln in order to create bio-charcoal for the layered vegetable and flower beds using the chopped Acacia trees.

A thoroughly enjoyable, educational and inspiring adventure!!!

That’s all for now, keep smiling!

Cat x