Vanakkam Sadhana Cyber Foresters!!

We hope you are all well and happy!!!

Today at the Forest we welcomed a group of children from Deepam school, where they were given an introduction to the forest. After giving a brief introduction about themselves and their school, our young guests joined the other volunteers for lunch in the main hut.

The children of Deepam

Photo: Igor  Children of Deepam School

Deepam started as a small project of a small playground for disabled children in 1992 and is now a school with occupational therapy, caring for over 100 children with various disabilities from the surrounding villages.
The kids were given a fun and interactive tour of the whole project. The children were very keen and enthusiastic to learn about the forest and about the Sadhana lifestyle.

The day ended with the popular dip in the glorious mud pool!!  We would like to thank Angelica and Palani and all the Deepam team for the experience and for allowing us the opportunity to connect with the beautiful children of Deepam and we hope that the kids will come to visit us often.

That’s all for now…. keep smiling and be happy!!

Cat x