On Friday, February 22nd, at 7 pm as usual, we will screen Ωcéans as our weekly Eco Film.

2010 – 102 minutes. Directed by Jacques Perrin & Jacques Clauzaud, French w/ English Subtitles.

watch the trailer in French only here and a short extract and making of clip further down.

Traveling at 10 knots in the middle of a school of tuna while hunting, accompanying dolphins in the wild, swim with the great white shark… Ωcéans is like being a fish among fish. Filmmakers Jacques Perrin and Jacques Cluzaud (Winged Migration) lead us through the heart of the ocean to discover sea creatures unknown and ignored. Ωcéans questions the impact that humans impose on wildlife and answers with image and emotion to the question: “Ocean? What is the ocean?

and this is the trailer Disney made for it…