Welcome to Sadhana Forest Ambassadors Network!

A Worldwide Web of Environmental and Social Pioneers

The Program

Sadhana Forest Ambassadors is a global network for individuals who are inspired to act locally on environmental and social themes such as:

  • Reforestation
  • Water conservation
  • Ecology problems such as deforestation, global warming, loss of biodiversity, etc’
  • Gift economy
  • Veganism
  • Sustainable methods for building & energy
  • Permaculture
  • Natural learning (unschooling)

& much more……

Becoming an Ambassador

Each of the Ambassadors uses their own unique skills to initiate, organize and facilitate on his local arena an activity such as:

  • Screenings films on ecology or social issues
  • Holding discussions on local environmental or social issues
  • Vegan talks
  • Showing presentations of different projects
  • Setting a local public Permaculture garden

& much more…

All actions carried out as part of the Sadhana Forest Ambassadors Network are always local, constructive, peaceful, inclusive of all, free of charge and vegan. Sadhana Forest will support and assist the ambassadors in providing consultation, supplying materials, referring to resources and promoting the event

Ambassadors aspire to inspire as individuals and collectively, it is within all of us to make a significant change possible.

Ambassadors Around the World

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